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Binonymizer - A Two-Way Web-Browsing Anonymizer

Tim Wellhausen - Gerrit Imsieke
(Tim.Wellhausen, Gerrit.Imsieke)

12 August 1999


This paper presents a method that enables Web users to surf anonymously such that neither the requested content nor the referencing URLs are traceable by someone who has access to the user's local storage, especially the history files. This is achieved by scrambling the ``filename part'' of the accessed URLs on a per-session basis. The method builds on standard encryption techniques so that packet sniffing is also made impracticable. These features provide the user with privacy that he might desire as an employee in a company that analyzes the employees' surfing behavior. A combination of these techniques with already established anonymizing proxy services1 is presented. This provides increased privacy both towards the Web service and towards the employer. The latter is true because, together with the encryption and URL scrambling, this obscures the Web server's host name, only exposing the proxy's name.

Tim Wellhausen